Beautiful Bird & Branches Bureau

Beautiful Bird & Branches Bureau

Beautiful Birds & Branches Bureau

Check out my latest project using Fusion Mineral Paint & Redesign with Prima products to create this pretty, whimsical bureau wrapped in birds and cherry blossom with 3d elements.

Redesign Products

  • Blossom Flight Transfer
  • Aviary Mould
  • Cherry Blossom Mould
  • Eternal Decor Wax

Fusion Paint Colours

  • Champness
  • Brook
  • Little Whale
  • Algonquin
  • Cathedral Taupe

After a good clean and scuff sand I set to work. I always paint a rough base coat when blending using all the colours, to give me a rough pattern to work to, I let that base coat dry over night for a good foundation, then work on the final blended coat. I always use a mister spray bottle when I'm blending, it helps the paint move around and gives you more time to work. I use a separate brush for each colour and 1 each for the colours blends. Ive always got rags on hand to keep my blending brushes as dry as possible.


I used a base coat of Algonquin for the legs and once dry I worked with a wash of Cathedral Taupe over the top and wiped back to give the washed out vintage oak look. The extra details are highlighted with Decor Wax in Eternal, as are the handles and keyhole.


The insides of bureaus can be difficult to paint, especially if they can't be removed, sometimes the back comes off easily which gives better access, but i didn't want to damage this one. So i masked off the entire piece and spray painted the inside gold. I really wanted the inside to have as much impact as the outside. Then I set to work on the transfer. My first time using Blossom Flight and its so pretty, although its an all over pattern it still possible to cut up and place where ever you want (as with a lot of the Redesign with Prima transfers). I wanted to create a wrapped around look, and also use some on the inside, again to tie everything together. But I want finished there. I decided to use this project as the first time to use the amazing moulds by Redesign with Prima. I picked Cherry Blossom & Aviary, cast a selection and spray painted them gold to match. I glued them on strategically to work with the transfer.

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