Restoring Elegance: The Vintage Bureau with Posh Chalk Utopia Decoupage Paper and WoodUbend Trim

Restoring Elegance: The Vintage Bureau with Posh Chalk Utopia Decoupage Paper and WoodUbend Trim

In a world dominated by modern, minimalist furniture, there's something undeniably charming about vintage pieces that stand the test of time. Today, we're delving into the restoration journey of a vintage bureau that received a lavish makeover, featuring Posh Chalk Utopia Decoupage Paper and WoodUbend trim. This transformation not only breathes new life into a classic piece but also demonstrates how creative crafting can fuse the past and present seamlessly.

The Vintage Bureau

Vintage ReLoved bureau in need of restoration

Our story begins with a neglected vintage bureau discovered on facebook marketplace for FREE. This timeless piece exuded an air of history, with its curvy, serpentine design, ornate drawer pulls, and aged wood. With a vision to restore its former glory, the decision was made to bring it home and breathe new life into this charming relic.

Materials Used

  1. The Vintage Bureau: A beautiful canvas that awaited rejuvenation.
  2. Posh Chalk Decoupage Paper: A1 sized designs Utopia & Utopia Grand.  This luxurious, high-quality decoupage paper is known for its exquisite designs and ease of use. In this project, I chose designs that would enhance the bureau's vintage charm.
  3. WoodUbend Trim: These flexible and moldable trims provide the perfect finishing touch, allowing for customization and personalization.

The Restoration Process

  1. Preparation: The first step was to give the bureau a thorough cleaning and light sanding to remove any dirt or imperfections. This ensured a smooth surface for the decoupage and trim.

  2. Decoupage Magic: The Posh Chalk Utopia Decoupage Paper was carefully torn to fit the various panels and surfaces of the bureau. With the use of decoupage glue, the paper was delicately adhered, creating a harmonious marriage of the old and the new. The intricate design of the decoupage paper breathed fresh life into the piece, turning it into a work of art. I used Dixie Belle paints to blend between the sections of paper.

  3. WoodUbend Trim: To gIve the bureau a real touch of magic I selected a large trim to use on the bottom drawer where some of the veneer was damaged, WoodUbend trim was heated and applied. The flexibility of these trims allowed for an effortless transformation, ensuring a seamless connection between the bureau's original design and the added details. The intricate trims brought out the bureau's elegance and added a touch of opulence.

  4. Finish: Multiple coats of varnish were applied for durability, to ensure the transformation would withstand the test of time.




The vintage bureau, once an overlooked relic, now stands as a testament to the art of restoration and creativity. The combination of Posh Chalk Utopia Decoupage Paper and WoodUbend trim added layers of sophistication to this classic piece, breathing new life into its design. The careful craftsmanship and attention to detail transformed the bureau into a unique, timeless masterpiece, one that effortlessly blends the aesthetics of the past with the craftsmanship of the present.

This restoration project is a testament to the enduring appeal of vintage furniture and the power of creative vision to revitalize and elevate the beauty of classic pieces. The next time you come across an old, weathered piece of furniture, consider the possibilities of restoration and the artistic potential that can be unlocked with materials like Posh Chalk Utopia Decoupage Paper and WoodUbend trim.

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