Using the NEW Redesign with Prima Decor Poly Bendy Casting Moulds

Using the NEW Redesign with Prima Decor Poly Bendy Casting Moulds

Perfect for individuals who prefer a hassle-free casting experience or simply lack the time to create their own, Decor Poly is the Bendable Casting solution offering unparalleled convenience. With the unique feature of requiring no heat, you can embrace ease and efficiency without compromising on quality results.

The all new Poly Decor is available here

Step by Step Guide

1. Preparation:

  • Ensure your work surface is clean, dry, and free from dust or debris for secure adhesion.
  • Select a suitable adhesive, such as heavy-duty craft glue, crazy glue, or resin glue, ensuring compatibility with polyurethane.

2. Application:

  • Plan the positioning of your Decor Poly on your project to achieve the desired decorative effect.
  • Apply a generous amount of adhesive to the back of the applique and gently press it onto the desired spot. Hold it firmly in place for a few seconds to ensure a secure bond.

3. Adjustment:

  • If excess adhesive seeps out from the edges, wipe it away with a clean cloth or a damp sponge.
  • Make any necessary adjustments to the positioning while the adhesive is still wet.
  • Follow the drying and curing time recommended for the adhesive used.

4. Finishing:

  • Once the applique is securely attached and the adhesive is fully cured, you can paint, stain, or finish it to match your project's aesthetics.
  • Our Decor Waxes work perfectly on Decor Poly, adding a touch of elegance and style.



With Foil

Add a touch of luxury to your bendable castings with foil.

Apply an adhesive, let it dry until tacky, and press the foil onto the surface. Peel back to reveal a dazzling metallic finish that catches the light beautifully.

With Glazes

Create depth and richness by using GeCe Restyled glazes with your Decor Poly castings, giving your pieces an antique or aged look.

With Chalk Paste

For a matte effect, try using chalk paste with your bendable castings. Apply the chalk paste directly onto your Decor Poly moulds to create a smooth finishing touch.

With Waxes

Finish and protect your Decor Poly castings with waxes.

After applying your moulds. use waxes to seal and add a rich, lustrous finish. Whether you prefer a soft, vintage look or a modern sheen, waxes will give your projects the perfect touch of elegance and durability.

Explore these techniques and see how Decor Poly bendable casting moulds can transform your DIY projects into stunning works of art.


The all new Poly Decor is available here


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