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Bonding BOSS - Dixie Belle Paint

Bonding BOSS - Dixie Belle Paint

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Introducing our groundbreaking Stain Eliminating Primer—a versatile solution that effortlessly combines bonding and stain removal into a single product! Our primer, aptly named Bonding BOSS, is the culmination of a unique fusion between Slick Stick and BOSS, creating the ultimate powerhouse for all your painting endeavors.

Bonding BOSS is compatible with a diverse array of surfaces, including glass, ceramic, laminate, metal, concrete, walls, furniture, and cabinets. Available in three distinct color options tailored to your specific requirements: opt for the white primer for lighter hues, the gray variant for medium tones such as yellows, reds, and other darker shades, or the clear option for dark colors or distressing effects.

For enhanced protection against wood tannin bleed-through, particularly under whites or light colors, and for superior bonding durability, we highly recommend incorporating Bonding BOSS into your painting routine.

Each quart of our Bonding BOSS provides coverage for approximately 160 square feet.
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