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Satin Clear Coat - Dixie Belle Paint - 16oz

Satin Clear Coat - Dixie Belle Paint - 16oz

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Elevate the beauty and durability of your painted wood furniture with Dixie Belle Clear Coat Satin, a top coat that strikes the perfect balance between a soft satin finish and protective coating. Wondering if you should put a top coat on painted furniture? Absolutely! Dixie Belle Clear Coat Satin, part of our line of top coats for painted wood, ensures the best protection for your DIY projects.

Glossier than our Flat but not as shiny as our Gloss, Dixie Belle Clear Coat Satin imparts a subtle sheen that enhances the visual appeal of your furniture without being overly reflective. Whether you're searching for the best clear coat for furniture or a protective coat for paint projects, our water-based polyacrylics are the go-to choice.

Concerned about using polyacrylic over chalk paint? Dixie Belle Clear Coat Satin is specifically designed to be compatible with chalk paint. Its rock-hard finish ensures the longevity of your projects, and you can easily achieve the desired level of protection and sheen.

Curious about how many coats of polyacrylic over chalk paint you should apply? Dixie Belle top coats for furniture are user-friendly, allowing you to customize the application based on your preferences. Achieve a beautiful and water resistant lasting finish with Dixie Belle Clear Coat Satin.

With low VOCs, our clear coats are not only effective but also environmentally friendly, making them suitable for indoor or outdoor application. Choose Dixie Belle Clear Coat Satin for your DIY endeavors and experience the perfect combination of protection and aesthetic enhancement. Transform your furniture with ease using the best top coat for furniture from Dixie Belle.

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